PIRIT Heated Hose

It flows when it's freezing!

Say goodbye to the misery of hose-delivered water supplies that freeze-up.

Heated Hose

Series II Heated Hose in a new design that gives more accurate ambient temp readings. Available in 12', 25', 50' and 100' lengths.

2" Industrial Line

2" Industrial Line maintains a discharge or sewage water line 24/7 throughout the winter or use for periodic tasks.

Auto-Rewind Reel

The Pirit® Auto-Rewind Hose Reel comes with a 50' hose pre-loaded. It's durable case protects from sun and weather damage year-around.

We have tested our hoses to minus 40 degrees. We performed the test in the controlled environment of an industrial strength deep-freezer. Extreme cold temperatures combined with wind-chill can still cause sections of the hose to freeze. If you plan to use the hose in extreme weather conditions, we recommend adding foam pipe insulation to those parts of the hose exposed to extreme conditions. Be sure not to insulate or cover the thermostat. If you have a frozen hose problem, you may find the solution to the issue on our FAQ page.

Go with the flow.
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What does the UL/CSA certification mean to me? 

Keep your hairdryer away from the bathroom sink...Don't drop a radio in a full bathtub. We've always heard that electricity and water don't mix, so why is the PIRITTM Heated Hose safe? Because we made it safe, that's why...

Unexpected Cold Snaps Can Really Put You on Ice 

Hades has frozen over. So has your water hose. The forecasters can rave about the first cold spell of the season, but when it comes to how it affects even the tiniest aspects of your barn, your RV, your business, or your life, they have no idea...

Happy Customers plus Happy PIRIT Heated Hose 

From just a few of our many happy customers:
From Larry: When I received the hose, the nights were getting to 10 degrees and every night I would take my normal hose off, blow it out, store it and put it back on for the morning...

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