Consumer / Personal Use

Outdoor Use

The PIRIT® Heated Hose solves the problem of delivering water outdoors in winter when freezing temperatures render regular hoses useless. Keep a backyard ice rink smooth, wash down a car or truck, get water to a hot-house, hot-tub or Jacuzzi and provide drinking water for outdoor pets and bird-baths. Made with PVC materials approved by the FDA for potable water, the PIRIT Hose provides safe drinking water for human and animal consumption.


Backyard Ice Rink Maintenance
Hot-House Water Supply
Getting Water to Outdoor Pets and Bird Baths
Automobile wash-down

Frequently Asked Question

Will my hose keep my spigot safe from freezing?

The PIRIT Heated Hose is only designed to prevent freezing inside the hose and cannot thaw water in connected devices or spigots. it is important that you take measures protect your spigot from freezing.