Equine / Agricultural Uses

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The PIRIT® Heated Hose saves time and labor for thousands of farmers, horse- and livestock-owners throughout North America and Europe. Any time a hose is needed in below-freezing temperatures, the PIRIT Hose will do the job. Made with PVC materials approved by the FDA for potable water, the PIRIT Hose provides safe drinking water for any agricultural and livestock use. No more lugging heavy water buckets from stall to stall. No more grappling with frozen hoses or storing hoses indoors to keep them from freezing. Keep stock-tanks full with less hassle. Wash down livestock, stalls, working spaces and equipment year-round.


Watering horses and other livestock
Filling stock-tanks
Washing horses and other livestock
Washing down barns/stalls
Washing down equipment

Frequently Asked Question

Can I allow water to freeze inside the PIRIT Hose when not in use?

You sure can! When you plug the PIRIT Heated hose in, allow sufficient time for the hose to thaw the ice inside and water to flow again (can take up to 30-40 minutes in extreme cold temperatures).

Just make sure both ends of your PIRIT Heated Hose are disconnected from all other hydrants, faucets or nozzles before allowing it to freeze.