Commercial / Light Industrial Use

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Whenever the job calls for delivery of water outdoors in below-freezing temperatures, the PIRIT® Heated Hose fits the bill. Tested to minus 40*, the PIRIT Hose gets water where you need it, when you need it, in the most cold working environments. Made with PVC materials approved by the FDA for potable water, the PIRIT Hose provides safe drinking water for human consumption. Keep the concrete drills and saws wet, keep water flowing to temporary housing or office units, wash down commercial vehicles and equipment in sever weather when regular hoses just won't get the job done.


Water supply to job-site trailers
Concrete cutting and demolition
Ready-mix Trucks
Vehicle and Equipment Wash-down
Municipal Water Supply
Temporary Housing
Mobile Workforce
Water Supply to Sugar Shack

Frequently Asked Question

Will I need to constantly monitor my hose and its temperature?

No way! All PIRIT Heated Hoses are thermostatically controlled. That means they know when to turn on AND turn off based on the outside temperature. Just plug in, unroll and leave your hose to do its job and your water will keep flowing.