Happy Customers plus Happy PIRIT Heated Hose

From just a few of our many happy customers:

From Larry: When I received the hose, the nights were getting to 10 degrees and every night I would take my normal hose off, blow it out, store it and put it back on for the morning. Before I did that, the hose would freeze up. With the new hose, I connected it, plugged it in and I have never had any water problems since. I have had it connected for the last 2 weeks. It has never frozen up or leaked. I love this hose. I have seen others around the RV site where we are at and they have tried insulating their hoses, some have worked, others not. This to me is the best way to go. Well worth the money...
Thanks Larry! We hope your water continues to flow.

From Sara: We have 5 horses and live in NE Ohio, so it can get pretty cold. This used to require dragging the hose out of the house, watering, draining it and dragging it back in and it sitting in our dining room until spring. No matter how much we drained it, it always seemed to freeze if left outside. I bought one of these...and my life is SO much easier!!
Whatever we can do to make life easier, Sara, and we hope you no longer have a hose in your dining room.

From Paul: We are currently using this hose on our RV in New England. We have experienced temperatures down to 0 degrees without any problems. This hose has been worth its weight in gold and has left us with water when others have lost it... It is not only safe but easy to use. We like it so much we bought a 50 foot one also.
That's great Paul. Let us know if you need a 100 footer!

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