What does the UL/CSA certification mean to me?

Keep your hairdryer away from the bathroom sink...Don't drop a radio in a full bathtub. We've always heard that electricity and water don't mix, so why is the PIRIT® Heated Hose safe? Because we made it safe, that's why. In fact, our thermostatically-controlled, heated hose is certified to UL and CSA safety standards for outdoor use. What is UL/CSA? UL stands for Underwriters Laboratory. It's an independent product safety organization that stringently tests the safety of all sorts of products and set standards for building safe products. They're the same folks that make sure your extension cords won't light up more than you bargained for. CSA, Canadian Standards Association, is another super strict testing organization based in Canada, where they know cold. So, plug it in at your barn, house, RV or business, and rest easy. In fact, you can even take a sip of that free flowing water, because we?re also the ONLY heated hose on the market rated DRINKING WATER SAFE with UL and CSA. No matter how far below freezing the temperature goes, PIRIT Hose will keep the water flowing.

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