Unexpected Cold Snaps Can Really Put You on Ice

Hades has frozen over. So has your water hose. The forecasters can rave about the first cold spell of the season, but when it comes to how it affects even the tiniest aspects of your barn, your RV, your business, or your life, they have no idea. But we do. That's why we created the thermostatically-controlled PIRIT Heated Hose with thermostat control. Simply replace your standard, and probably frozen, hose with a PIRIT Heated Hose, plug in the grounded power supply, and be confident that when the temperature dips terrifyingly low, you won't be out in the elements pondering at what point the water in the hose actually froze solid. Even better, when the temperature is above freezing, the built-in thermostat on your PIRIT Heated Hose will keep the heating element off, preventing wasted electricity. No worries: It's automatic. It's warm. It's PIRIT Heated Hose.

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From just a few of our many happy customers: From Larry: When I received the hose...